​Passive Acoustic Monitoring is the process of detecting sounds underwater using a hydrophone (underwater microphone).  This signal is then transmitted via a cable to a signal processing unit.  From the signal processing unit the sound is transmitted to a soundcard and / or data acquistion card and is then sent to a computer for display in real-time.  These sounds can also be monitored via headphones.

Cetacean vocalisations can range from low frequency moans to high frequency echolocation clicks.  This means that PAM systems are required to detect a broad range of frequencies.  Generally PAM systems are towed from a ship, the size of which will depend on the application.  AMS PAM systems have been used on vessels of all sizes from the largest seismic survey ships, to much smaller vessels used for monitoring cetaceans during windfarm piling operations. 

AMS Rental System Specifications:

Cable:  Robust Polyurethane Construction, Internal Strain Member
Tow Cable Length:  200m with Robust Connector (100m Deck cable available if required)
Active Section Length:  Robust 9m oil-filled (Safe, Inert Oil)
Frequency Range:  20 Hz to 200 Khz Covers Full range of Cetacean Vocalisations
Power Supply:  Standard UK Mains Power supply

Industry Standard 19" Rack Mount Flightcase Containing:

Signal Conditioning Unit with Headphone Output / BNC Signal outputs
NI USB Data Acquisition Unit:  500 Ks/s Sample rate
Tascam USB Rack Mount Soundcard:  192Khz / 24 Bit Sample rate

2 x Laptops, Operating Systems:   Windows 7 & 10
GPS Adapter
Software:  Pamguard / Raven Pro
​​​Data Storage:  1TB Hard drive
Good Quality Headphones
Aluminium Transit Case
Robust HDPE Plastic Pallet

Cable and Hydrophone Array supplied on wooden drum
Stainless Steel Cable Reel can be supplied if required

Spares on separate pallet

Space Required:

Desk space for monitoring station
Back deck location for cable drum
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